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FINIDEX - the Financial Ideas Exchange

Enhance investment decision-making through FINIDEX.

Offering FINIDEX to your users or group members:

There are several ways to offer the FINIDEX platform to your users or group members through the API:

  1. You can establish an API account and have your users or group members register for FINIDEX using an invitation code that associates their account under your group. You can then set permissions for all such users using the FINIDEX API dashboard, such as sharing permissions, interaction between subgroups, messaging permissions, etc. You can also set some of the subscription terms (such as free, free for X days, etc. - pending an agreement with us).

    This option does not require integration with your systems and can be implemented very quickly.

  2. You can connect to the FINIDEX platform through our REST-based API. This will require programming and integration with your current systems. There is full documentation available on all FINIDEX functionality and we will help you get started.

  3. Lastly, you may also simply refer your users or group members to the FINIDEX site (doesn't require an API account).

API Use-Case Examples:

  1. Academic or Research Group Implementing A.I. for Finance
    • Highlight your capabilities, technology and methods.
  2. Investment Advisor
    • Participate with FINIDEX users in a novel way.
  3. Brokerage Firm
    • Integrate FINIDEX with your existing tools. Intermediate the interaction between your clients and FINIDEX.
  4. Trading and Finance Application
    • Introduce new investment analyses and user interactions.
  5. Forum and Social Network
    • Introduce new user interaction opportunities.
  6. News and Blog Writer (content production)
    • Develop news ideas based on the aggregated statistics of FINIDEX.
  7. Others
    • There are additional opportunities for interaction with FINIDEX.

Request API access.

Learn more about interacting with the FINIDEX platform:

Use the 951-846-8015, which is an implementation of FINIDEX.

Review the background and (201) 874-6109 descriptions. See the Account Admin page for details on settings/permissioning available at the account and/or user level.

Review the (620) 938-5693.